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Project ASQ

2009-06-27 16:15:25 by zerokasanshi

Project ASQ is a different kind of collab project. We've assembled 10 tales, of horror, action, and deep psychological trauma, designed to tell a very different story. Each episode is planned to be animated by a different animator. In this way we allow different styles to mingle within the smae universe, and create a more interesting story visually. Each episode is a stand alone animation/episode but ties in to the main plot which is carried over the course of the series. The idea is the more eps you watch, the more you learn about whats really happening. We are currently focussed on getting the first 5 ready for production and hope to begin casting in late july.

However you do not have to be an animator to contribute to ASQ. We are also looking for character concept artists, city concept artists for various locales used throughout the series, musicians as we're looking for a completely original score, as well as artists interested in creating artwork for the series.

As I said we've written 10 stories, however if the series proves successful. We're looking forward to continuing and looking for interest writers who would want to contribute stories to future episodes.

For those interested in participating, please contact me either by PM, email, or instant messenger.
SKYPE: zero.kasanshi


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